We are a group of actors who happen to be women. Our name comes from the often reductive roles we are offered. Think: waitress, girl next door, woman in shop....you get the idea. We started this production company to create work for ourselves, because we think we're pretty damn good.

Colleen Baum

Colleen has been acting since the age of twelve. She has played 3,245,111 crazy old ladies...now she's playing whoever the hell she wants to play. 

Lauren Call

Lauren uses her BFA in Screen Acting from Chapman University and fifteen years of acting experience primarily to pretend she is listening when her in-laws ask about future grandchildren....again.

Tiffani Di Gregorio

Tiffani Di Gregorio has been an actor for over twenty years.  A decade of drama school has thoroughly prepared her to sort Legos, keep track of tiny princess shoes, and find missing lightsabers with great skill, flair, and humor.

JJ Neward

JJ is a full-time professional actress based out of that bastion of liberalism, Salt Lake City, Utah.  She doesn’t like doughnuts, but she likes doughnut holes. Her motto is to try everything twice, in case the first time is a fluke. 

Yolanda Stange

Yolanda Stange is NOT an actor. She's a hunger politician making her way to the Oval Office. After attending hundreds of acting workshops, she has perfected her standing, sitting and waving. When asked about foreign policy, Stange states...."foreign policy...who the hell wants to talk about? that have you seen my Macbeth?"

Illustrations done by Cartoonz